Outside the Home Office #Setherfree

Because of the topic of my research, I spend a lot of my time reading about depressing things.




Yarl’s Wood

Control Orders/TPIMS



Immigration Bill

Indefinite Detention



It can be hard not to lose hope or focus, and not to drown in the sheer bleakness of it all.

Especially when you are alone with your papers, behind a computer screen, on your own desk.

But yesterday evening, I left my work behind and went to join the Women for Refugee Women protest against indefinite detention of women asylum seekers outside of the Home Office.

I heard inspiring words from former asylum seekers, campaigners, and even the voice of a woman from inside Yarl’s Wood.

The setting was strange, as that massive building is a source of so much grief, heartache and abuse against humanity.

But, outside the Home Office, what I felt was hope, and companionship.

Even though I was silent and own my own, I was one of many standing up for the injustices.

It felt as if my work was connected to an entire movement towards ending the inhumanity that is so at large in this country.

Yes,  there is much horror and abuse going on in the world at this very second.

But there is also hope.

And that is worth leaving my desk for, even if I am one of many, blending in the background of a protest.


If you haven’t already, please sign the petition.

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